Drive carefully, they say, and it is hard to argue with them. Any person who suggests careful driving won't automatically protect a tire from punctures would be correct, too. So, Chrysler owners should check out coverage plans available from Mopar. Damage to wheels and tires may come with no repair costs with the right plan.

One concern, a reasonable concern, those interested in coverage may have involves paying additional costs. As most car owners realize, extra work becomes necessary after buying new tires. Mounting and balancing the tires are vital steps, and there are labor costs. Thankfully, Mopar covers the fees for mounting and balancing. Mopar also pays for adding new stems, if necessary.

Also available with the plan is $100 roadside assistance. Dealing with a disabled vehicle can be a nightmare. Roadside assistance, well, assists with such hassles.

Call for an appointment at Gilberts of Sand Creek to find new tires or wheels. Our service department specializes in helping Chrysler owners out.

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