Look into the Mopar® Tire Protection Plan

Chrysler owners take notice. Mopar® is there to provide coverage for certain damages befalling tires. As long as the vehicle meets year and mileage requirements, you could tap into available coverage from Mopar® to deal with any wheel and tire road hazards.

For a set fee, you can have all four tires and some related maintenance covered under the plans. Even the tire pressure sensor gauge is covered if the part suffers damage from a roadside hazard. Available plans range from two-year to seven-year deals. Look closely at what Mopar® offers to pick the right plan.

Also included with the program is a zero deductible. The zero deductible is in place with each repair visit. As for visits, coverage delivers roadside assistance and towing with a "$100 sign-and-go" deal.

We here at Gilberts of Sand Creek want your car to operate as reliably as possible when it travels through Sand Creek, WI. Visit our service department when your vehicle requires maintenance.

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