What are Recalls?

When you receive a recall for your vehicle, it can be a bit stressful. After all, some product recalls are for serious issues that can endanger you or your passenger. Most recalls happen to vehicles with factory defects. These are problems that weren't caught in the factory, and typically, several hundred or thousands of vehicles can be affected.

Vehicle recalls happen all of the time. You'll typically receive your first notice about the vehicle in the mail, which could indicate a problem with a part or the entire vehicle. In any case, you'll probably receive a refund if substantiated, or you may just need repairs and replacement parts to fix the issue. You'll be notified of what type of recall within the documentation sent to your address on file with the manufacturer.

If a vehicle recall is announced via the web or news, you may have to file your own claim to see a refund. Want to know more about recalls? Stop by Gilberts of Sand Creek located in Sand Creek, WI.

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