The Jeep Wrangler Brings Flexibility

Many drivers who enjoy off-road adventures but don't want to buy a second car often have trouble finding something that will work just as well on their commute as it will for hiking. At Gilberts of Sand Creek, it's our goal to help you find the most versatile car for you, which is why we have the Jeep Wrangler in stock. This popular compact SUV gives you great flexibility in a variety of different situations!

Driving on a hot day and need to increase ventilation in the car? What about completely opening the car up to nature? With the Wrangler's flexible windows and doors, you can remove any aspects of the car to give yourself as much air as you need. The Freedom Top hardtop is also 20% lighter than any previous hardtops from the company, making the process of letting some sunlight in easier than ever!

There are even exterior temperature systems that do more than just keep you cool! With the Wrangler's power dome hood, your engine will never be overheated due to increased air ventilation on the inside as well. Want to try it out? Stop by Gilberts of Sand Creek for a test drive today!

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