The Enhanced Safety of the Dodge Journey

The mid-sized Dodge Journey SUVs remain popular for their ease of handling and ample interior space. However, the latest Sand Creek models come with a number of upgraded features that heighten the degree of overall safety inside and out.

When you shift the vehicle into reverse, the rear back-up camera provides a clear image of the view on the touchscreen. In this way, Journey owners avoid collisions while protecting the safety of the SUV and others. While backing up, the park assist technology automatically monitors the area via an array of sensors located on the rear bumper. The system instantly alerts you to possible dangers or obstacles.

On the inside, seven airbags protect the driver, the driver's knees and all of the occupants thanks to the side curtain protection. The frame of the Journey now features added protection in key areas. Specially located crumple zones are designed to absorb impacts during collisions. Explore all of the features at Gilberts of Sand Creek.

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